European Imports Ban Lifted

Dear Clients,

We have recently received official notification from the Australian Department of Agriculture, that the ban on imports to Australia from Europe will be lifted on 30th July 2015.

As a result of a six months surveillance program in Germany, the department is satisfied that Germany is reinstated as an approved country for the import of horses and has been declared glanders free.

Equine International Airfreight will now recommence importing horses from Europe from our Australian approved quarantine facility in Lastrup – North West Germany. New import conditions will mean that there is no longer a need to complete CFT Tests for glanders for horses from Europe and horses that resided in Germany after 26th November 2014 will be eligible for import.

Below is a list of important dates for imports for the remainder of 2015:

Commencement Date for Quarantine in Germany Estimated Flight Date Quarantine Release – Eastern Creek NSW Quarantine Release – Mickleham VICTORIA
Mon 3/8/15 Tue 18/8/15 Sun 6/9/15
Mon 31/8/15 Tue 15/9/15 Sun 4/10/15
Mon 28/9/15 Tue 13/10/15 Sun 1/11/15
Mon 26/10/15 Tue 10/11/15 Sun 29/11/15
Mon 16/11/15 Tue 1/12/15 Sun 20/12/15


Due to the 6 month ban, we have a back log of horses to be imported and we are currently working through the list to prioritise based on sex, mix, foaling dates etc etc.

Our European Associate Guido Klatte’s is currently coordinating the quarantine facility and we will be seeking clearances from the Australian Department of Agriculture Bio Security people to have horses coming to Australia in time for the first intake date of 19th August 2015.

Should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 02 8817 – 0300 or email

Kind Regards,

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All business undertaken is transacted subject to EIAF’s general conditions of trading, a copy of which will be supplied on request. All horses handled at the owner’s risk.