EIAF’s Holly Bennett & her champion Fjord – Myklejon.

The Royal Melbourne Horse Show is a prestigious event within the equestrian industry, especially for breeders. It is the largest horse breed show in Australia, attracting more the 40 breeds of horses and ponies.

Fjord horse owner Holly Bennett (EIAF shipping co-ordinator and experienced flying groom from our Melbourne office), entered her gorgeous Myklejon and came away with many prizes including the ‘Best Presented Fjord Horse’ class title. This is what Holly had to say about her experience,

“Myklejon won the best presented Fjord horse class, 1st male Fjord horse, champion Fjord horse, supreme European led exhibit and he got through to the led all breeds class at the end of the day. Maybe one day I’ll get into the top 6 but generally it’s the thoroughbreds and riding ponies that get that far.”

Don’t give up Holly, this is a fantastic result! EIAF think a its about time a Fjord got into the top 6 and your Myklejon is absolutely gorgeous!