How exactly does a horse travel on a plane?

Not surprisingly, we get a lot of questions about how a horse actually travels on an airplane, so here is a brief explanation….

Prior to a flight, your horse will be loaded into an Air Stall which ensures horses are safely contained whilst on the aircraft. Non-slip ramps ensure smooth and safe loading of your horses. The stall is well ventilated, has plenty of head room and can accommodate three large horses. Its internal, full height partitions can be adjusted to vary the width of the individual bay.

The Air Stall also allows the horse to be safely transferred to and from the aircraft and often have open panels around the top of the stall to allow for airflow.

The Air stalls vary slightly depending on the make and model of the aircraft however their dimensions are generally fixed at: 294cm (length), 234cm (width) and 232cm (height).

Depending on your preference and budget, either two but usually three horses may be loaded into each Air Stall and the space varies accordingly.

For instance: 3 horses per Air Stall (described as horse travelling in a SINGLE stall – width approx. 75cm) or 2 horses per Air Stall (de­scribed as horse travelling in a WIDE stall – width approx. 115 cm).

Once inside the aircraft, the horses are in an air-conditioned envi­ronment. The flying groom monitors the well-being of your horse and provides feed and water as per the horse’s requirements. Your horse is our PRIORITY and we do all we possibly can to ensure stress free air travel, so your horse will arrive at its destination in top condition.