Flying Brumbies with the Wilson Sisters’

The Wilson Sisters are three extremely talented horse people, who have been working with and around horses all their lives. Vicki, Kelly and Amanda have achieved much greatness in the Equestrian world and are well respected for their work with wild horses in New Zealand, America and Australia.

With the success of their top-rated television series “Keeping up with the Kaimanawa’s”, these three Kiwi girls are now working on the plight of the Australian Brumbies.

Kelly Wilson first became concerned of our brumbies when she visited the Victorian Brumby Association in 2013.

Australia has an estimated 400 000 to 1 million brumbies running wild and unmanaged. With thousands of them meeting an undesirable end every year, the Wilson Sisters’ hope to raise the profile of Australian Brumbies, through a new on-line web series ‘Keeping up with the Brumbies”.

The Wilson Sisters’ have already started work and training, having flown several brumbies back to New Zealand (via EIAF) for continued care and training at their central North Island base.

EIAF look forward to flying the brumbies and the Wilson Sisters back to Australia in November where they will compete in the Brumby Challenge Final at Equitana in Melbourne.

The Wilson Sisters’ journey to save the Brumbies started in Australia in June 2016. Pictured above is the EIAF stall, used to fly these gorgeous Brumbies to NZ.